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Joey & Maggie's Fresh Produce is the concept and name of the Online Shop for the OriginalKewl® brand. Just as a grocery store provides fresh fruits and vegetables for any and all lifestyles. JMFP & OK® strives to provide the freshest and original ideas from the mind of yours truly. A family oriented and owned business, to create the same feeling of being at home as your regular and familiar Mom & Pop corner store.

Considering himself as an artist first, Kewl, views every project as an art piece in itself, and in the same context of Art, are sold in very limited quantities.

There isn't 2 Mona Lisa's in the world there is only one, so ultra rare and limited releases are applied for these pieces of wearable art. 

There is no underlying gimmick or direction, pieces are created solely based from what the mood and mindset is at that particular time of production for the artist, love.


Joey & Maggie's Fresh Produce